How to Fix Crashing Android Phones

Crashing smartphone is annoying. The trouble of scrolling on your phone’s screen, restarting on its own, force stopping applications, all of these can be disappointing. Today, I am going to share with you some solutions on how to fix crashing Android phones. They are just easy to do and will not require a long time, so keep on reading to learn some Android troubleshooting.

Fix crashing Android phones

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Android phones have their specifications which decides the limits of the device. If you are familiar with the term memory or RAM, internal storage, processor and frequency, then you know what I am talking about. Looking at your phone’s specifications will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do on it to prevent from crashing.

But since not all of us are aware of that smartphone’s aspect, I listed here some of the common reasons and solutions that you can apply when your Android phone is constantly crashing.

Reasons and Solutions for Crashing Android Phones

#1. Full Random-Access Memory

Clean RAM

The random-access memory (RAM) is the data storage of every device. It can find specific information quickly allowing the device to function faster and smoother. Once the RAM has been full, the device will not function properly especially on launching new and heavy applications.

Solution: Clearing up RAM does not necessarily mean you need to delete the apps you have installed. Sometimes you just need to clear the data including the cache of a certain application. Although, removing or uninstalling unused apps will greatly help the memory to breathe. You also need to stop apps running on background.

#2. Apps installed are too heavy

Install apps light version

Apps vary in sizes depending on its capability and features. There are applications that have lightweight versions specifically for lower RAM storage.

Solution: When your Android phone has 2GB RAM or lower, consider installing lightweight versions of applications (e.g. Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite). Also, avoid downloading games which will consume more of your storage, otherwise you will experience lag issues while playing these games.

#3. Outdated Software

Update software

Android releases software updates from time to time. You can choose to update your device or not, it depends on you. However, Android apps are also releasing updates every now and then and sometimes newly updated apps are not working on outdated Android software.

Solution: Keep your system updated. If there is a newer version of Android, you need to install it on your device. It can help your phone performs better and smoother.

#4. Malware Infected

Virus infected

Visiting third-party sites and downloading apps from them can infect our system with malware. I am not saying that all third-party sites are not-virus free, but some of them have reported as malware which can ruin your system.

Solution: As much as possible, avoid downloading apps from third-party sites including hacked, modded and cracked files. Also, do not visit unsecured sites because they are likely to come with viruses. If your phone has been infected, other than cleaning them with an antivirus app, you may need to reset your phone to its factory settings. By doing that, you can be sure that everything will be back to its default.

In Conclusion

These are some of the solutions you can do to fix your crashing Android phones. If you want to apply these methods, figure out first what causes the crash and then choose the specific solution for that.

Having doubts? Drop them inside the comment box below. We’ll try to help you with whatever we can.

JioFi Tutorial: How to Reset JioFi Password to Use The Device

JioFi devices are portable WiFi hotspot devices. These devices are provided to the users by Reliance Digital which is powered by LYF. JioFi devices have the capability to provide with high-speed data. They also have the capacity to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. This means that 10 devices can use the data provided by these devices at the same time.

jiofi router latest offer

If you keep your connection open, many unknown users can get connected to your WiFi. This will result in low-speed provided to your device. To prevent this, you can use a password and restrict the users who can use your WiFi connection. Since the human brain has volatile memory, there are chances that you might forget the password yourself and thereby not be able to use your own WiFi connection. In such a situation, all you can do is recover the password of your JioFi router.

Also, if a lot of people have got to know the password to your JioFi router and you want all the previous users to stop using your WiFi, you can simply change the password of your JioFi router. This will result in barring all the users who had your previous password. Then, you can choose whom you wish to grant your password and whom you don’t.

Hence, here we are going to discuss the methods and steps using which you can either recover or reset the password of your JioFi router.

How to Reset Password of JioFi Router

If you haven’t changed the password even once, you will find the default password at the back of the box of your JioFi device. But, if you have already changed the password, you can modify it again using the steps mentioned below.

jiofi features

1. Launch an internet browser on your device which is connected to your JioFi router. Then, type in the IP address which is ‘’ or enter ‘http://jiofi.local.html‘ in the search bar and hit enter.

2. In the web page which loads, you will then find a ‘Login Button’ on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it to go to the login page.

3. In the login page, enter the username and the password as ‘administrator’ or ‘admin’ and click on the ‘login’ option.

4. Once you are logged in successfully, click on the Settings option. On the web page that loads, click on Network >> Wi-Fi Configuration to change the password.

5. Here, in the password field, you can change the Security Key/Wi-Fi password of your JioFi router to anything you wish.

6. Once you are finished with the modifications, click on Apply button to save the changes made.

Best Android Emulator for PC

Android emulators are very important to developers because they use them to test apps before launching. These tools help them identify and fix issues in apps before shipping them out to the public.

Before, the use of Android emulators is only common among developers. But now even regular app users and gamers are taking advantage of these tools. Many gamers who want to use a mouse and keyboard while playing are installing software like Android Studio, ARChon, Bliss and Bluestacks on their PC.

Bluestacks is one of the most widely used Android emulators. Majority of the developers and app users have it installed on their PC. Mobile gamers love it because it allows the launching of multiple apps at the same time.

The latest version of Bluestacks was released in 2017 which is way better than the old versions.  It now supports Android Nougat.

Download Bluestacks now!

101 Best Funny WiFi Names For Fun

Are you looking for clever or funny WiFi names that you can use for your own WiFi network? There is nothing wrong with trying to be funny sometimes. And using silly nomenclature on your own WiFi is not a crime. In fact, if anything, it is just another way to be creative and entertaining. If that is what you are looking for, here are some ideas for best funny WiFi names around the internet that might help you come up with your own. Or better yet, use one of these names if it tickles your funny bones.Best Funny WiFi Names

Best Funny WiFi Names

  1. Pretty Fly For A WiFi
  2. It Hurts When IP
  3. The Ping Beyond the Wall
  4. Ping’s Landing
  5. The Night’s Ping
  6. A Song of Ice and Firewall
  7. Silence of the LAN
  8. For Porn Use Only
  9. Everyday I’m Buffering
  10. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  11. Dora the Internet Explorer
  12. Titanic Syncing
  13. This is not free either
  14. (name of neighbor) Get Your Own WiFi
  15. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  16. The Promised LAN
  17. Help! I’m Trapped In A Router
  18. Tell My WiFi Love Her
  19. Virus Infected WiFi
  20. Wi-Fight The Inevitable
  21. Don’t You Wish Your WiFi Was Hot Like Me
  22. Wi Believe I Can Fi
  23. WiFi For Blowjobs
  24. Guardians of the Gateway
  25. Don’t Watch Porn On My WiFi
  26. Free WiFi For A One Night Stand
  27. The Password Is In This Sentence
  28. Yell “Mommy” To Know Password
  29. How Is The Signal There?
  30. FBI Surveillance Van
  31. Scan Found Virus
  32. Error! Do Not Connect!
  33. Please Try Again
  34. Call (random number) To Get Password
  35. I Am Under Your Bed
  36. Does Your Dad Pay For This?
  37. I Will Hack Your Device
  38. Malware Detected. Run Your Antivirus.
  39. Connect And Let Me Control Your Camera.
  40. Currently Watching Porn
  41. Connect To Download Virus
  42. I Can See Through Your Camera
  43. Still Searching
  44. Still Single
  45. My Wife Does Not Like Third Wheel
  46. $20 Per Hour WiFi
  47. Adults Only
  48. What Up Freeloader?
  49. For Police Surveillance. Do Not Connect
  50. I Know Who You Are
  51. Hacking Your Device In 5 Minutes
  52. YouTube Does Not Work
  53. Call 911 We Need Help
  54. I Will Hack Your Life
  55. Looking At You Through My Binocular
  56. Watching You Looking At This WiFi Network
  57. It’s You Again
  58. Error 404
  59. Connect And Get Reported To Police
  60. The Cops Are Onto You
  61. Bring Pizza To Get The Password
  62. You Are Ugly Up Close
  63. Pay Fine When You Connect
  64. I Will Hack Your Bank Account
  65. No Free WiFi Today
  66. Try Next Year
  67. Connect And Be My Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  68. Your Webcam Will Be Controlled
  69. The Password Is In My Underpants
  70. Your Music Selection Sucks
  71. Try Hacking. You Will Regret It.
  72. All Porn Sites Are Blocked Here
  73. Don’t Make Me Come Over There
  74. I Know What You’re Thinking
  75. Zombies Ate My Brain
  76. Access To My Bathroom Camera
  77. Access To Your Bedroom Camera
  78. Ask SIRI For Password
  79. Think Before You Connect
  80. Watching You Reading This Gives Me A Hard-On
  81. Yes, Give Me Access To Your Life
  82. Warning: Fake WiFi
  83. God Is Watching You Stealing This Internet
  84. I Have Seen You Naked
  85. Virus Distribution Center
  86. I Fathered Your Child
  87. I Could Be Your Father
  88. I Will Spread Your Nude Pictures
  89. Your Ass Is Mine
  90. C:Virus.exe
  91. Tap To Start Hacking
  92. Join The Satanic Network
  93. No Device Found
  94. Open Google And Type
  95. Read My Password ************
  96. Will Swap WiFi Overnight For Brandy
  97. IP When I Sneeze
  98. I Know Where You Live
  99. We Can See You Showering
  100. This WiFi Is Under Surveillance
  101. Your House Is Surrounded By Police. Don’t Make Any Noise.

I hope this list gives you what you want. There are more silly and best funny WiFi names and if you want more I’ll create another list. Just leave your request down in the comment section. Keep in mind that these WiFi names are only made for fun. You can create your own or use one from this list. Nobody said about not having fun with your WiFi name, right?

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