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Yrt Turntable Bearing are 4 point contact thin section type ball bearings that have holes in both the inner and outer rings for easy mounting.   These products were designed from standard thin section bearing geometry.  We just reduced the ID and increase the OD to accommondate bolt holes.  Our intention was to make the bearing easy to mount in an industrial application.  One that would require no additional machining (i.e., turning or grinding) of mating components for proper installation.


 Bearings use rolling elements to maintain the separation between moving parts to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. These elements can be one of the following types: ball, cylindrical, spherical, barrel, needle, spindle, or tapered. All bearings are open, shielded, or sealed. Sealed bearings are lubricated with oil or grease in the bearing factory, while open and shielded bearings are meant to be lubricated in place, with periodic reapplication of lubrication, based on use. The shield protects the working parts of the bearing from environmental debris that may be introduced and could reduce the ball bearing speed and lifespan. Rolling bearings are used in a range of applications from agricultural machinery to conveying equipment, robotics, dental equipment, elevators, rolling mills, ship rudder shafts, and aggregate crushers, among others.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Slewing Bearing for Komatsu Lw250m-2 6834-2RS 170x215x22 170 215
Slewing Bearing for Aichi 705 NF215 E 75x130x25 75 130
Slewing Bearing for Truck Crane Kanglim Ks1256 6802NKE 15x24x5 15 24
Crane Slewing Bearing Unic UR330 6412 NR 60x150x35 60 150
Slewing Bearing for Unic UR500 6412-N 60x150x35 60 150
Slewing Bearing Kato 35h-3 678A 8x12x2.5 8 12
Slewing Bearing for Soosan 736 24013 CCK30/W33 100x65x35 100 65
Slewing Bearing for Tadano Tmz300 6700 10x15x3 10 15
Truck Crane Slewing Bearing Aichi D502/D501 63307LLU 35x80x34.900 35,000 80,000
Slewing Bearing for CB2900 639 ZZ 9x30x10 9 30
Slewing Bearing for Soosan 746 6307NR 35x80x21 35 80
Slewing Bearing for Maeda 370/380 NJ2214-E-TVP2 70x125x31 70 125

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