Ball And Roller Slewing Ring

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Ball And Roller Slewing Ring is a bearing with special structure that could bear integrated load like axle load, radial load and overturning load. It combines support, rotating, transmission, fixed, sealed, anti-corrosion and other functions into one unit. Widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, transmission machinery, mining and metallurgy machinery, medical equipment and radar, ship, wind power and other industries.


Slewing bearing is same as normal bearings, it assembly by rings and rollers. However, compare to normal bearings, slewing bearing has a lot of differences. Normally, slewing bearing has huge dimensions, OD usually betwwen 0.4m to 10m, and some even to 40m. Under normal circumstances, slewing bearing operating in a low speed, high load condition. Slewing bearing comes with mounting holes, lubricating holes and sealing device. It has compact stucture, convenience to guide rotate, simple installation and easy maintenance etc.


Wanda Slewing Drive for Lifting Machine with 3rpm Speed Best Quality

Roller Bearings 57 mm
11.08 Hz NTN

Wanda Slewing Drive for Aerial Work Platform Safest Device

Standard Steel
Steel 782475996698

Hot Sale Slewing Drive 9 Inch with 12VDC Motor

71.3 mm 184 mm
200 °C 48.4 mm

Hot Sale Wanda Slewing Drive Se9 with 24V DC Motor for Power System

Se9 1 pcs

Wea17 Heavy Duty Slewing Drive for Aerial Platform Wanda Slewing Drive

93 kN 14.4
120 °C 100 mm

Wea Series Slewing Drive for Heavy Duty with Best Quality

M6x1 16mm
US207G2T20 -20 °C