Slew Drive For Solar Tracker

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Fixed solar tracking systems produce the highest levels of energy only when the sun is at the optimum angle to the panel. Active systems improve performance and energy production and require slewing drives for mobility. Kinematics’ slewing gears help make solar installations more effective and profitable by supporting movement in both single and dual-axis solar trackers.


Moving enormous solar tracking systems requires slewing gearboxes that offer both multi-plane load-holding and rotational torque. Slewing drives that engage a greater number of teeth offer the maximum amount of durability, power, and performance. The Kinematics hourglass worm technology allows for maximum survivability load-holding capacity during wind storms by engaging 5 to 13 teeth at a time (depending on size) compared to the standard one tooth. With improved strength and stability over typical slewing drives, our drives can support the load of large solar panels and troughs while controlling rotational torque.


Turntable Bearings/Slewing Rings for Mobile Crane

Order adapter or wit 35MM Tapered Bore; 8
Adapter Mount Bearing

Big Gear Slewing Bearings Roller Slewing Ring for Turntable

Cone; Standard Preci Cone
Inch 0053893209180

Slewing Bearing Ball Roller Bearing High Precision Quality Bearing

M06288 32.13
Mounted Units & N/A

Best Price Slewing Ring Bearings for Crane Wind Turbine System

N/A 0.0

Light Type Slewing Bearing for Packing Machine

B04144 Bearings

for Sale Slewing Ring Bearings for Excavator Hitachi

B04264 N/A

Good Bearings Outer Ring for Wind Turbine Slewing Ring

Assembly 31171516
Standard Single Row

External Gear Ball Slewing Ring Useing for Slewing Conveyer

NSK 0.0
NSK Open

Phosphating Surface Treatment Slewing Bearing 010.20.200

35 mm Take-Up
22.00 mm 146.00 mm

Crossed Roller Slewing Rings with External Gear Turntable Bearings

1 (Single) 0.22
No KB-30 XPO-2RS

OEM Turntable Bearing for The Kato 40t Autocrane 010.20.280 Wanda Supplier

M06110 11.37
Bearings N/A

High Quality Slewing Bearing & Bearing Ring & External Gear Bearing

15.89 0883450983969